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The Goal

First, this initiative is inspired by my friend Kate.

I am running my first marathon on Sunday in Philadelphia. Running a marathon has been a goal for a long time. I’d like to remember when I added it as a legitimate goal on the “life list” instead of leaving it on the wish list, but all I know is completing a marathon (or more than one) has been on my mind for at least 4 years, if not 8 years.

Kate, with whom I play Ultimate (Frisbee), decided to run the Philadelphia marathon with Team in Training. Months later, while reflecting on how cool it was that Kate was running, my boyfriend reminded me that I too could run the marathon if I wanted. And thus began the epic adventure (with a not-so epic story).

Now my first marathon is less than two days away. I got my bib (number 8918), my shirt, my free gloves. I have a running plan (run with a pacer so I don’t go out too fast, run a negative split). I have a recovery plan.

The problem is my recovery plan may be too intense based on the main marathon advice I’ve found online. I used Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 training plan. He says to not exercise for three days after the marathon, then on Thursday you can run lightly. I plan on running the Fairmount Park Turkey Trot; not hard, but more miles than might be wise. Than I want to train for the Yuengling Shamrock marathon on my birthday (march 21st). Then do the Portland Marathon on July 4th, and then the Philadelphia Marathon again. Most advice says you should wait 5.5 months between marathons. And here’s my problems: 1) As long as I trained for this marathon, why won’t I be in shape to run a marathon in three months? 2) I just read a bunch of Ultramarathoning books and they mostly seem like healthy people and they do much much more than two marathons a year. 3) I need a tangible goal of running a race to keep me running often enough.

With that in mind, my first goal with this blog is to record how I feel during my recovery so that others in a similar situation don’t give themselves a short shrift just because the world says so.

My second goal is to discuss all other things related to nutrition and being an active person.

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