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“Jumping” In

I am going to follow one of Hal Higdon’s intermediate programs for the 3/21 Shamrock Marathon.  The intermediate programs add a day of running, 5 days instead of 4. I may be overestimating my ability to just get out and run. I was pretty flexible with myself while preparing for the Philadelphia Marathon. I tended to take two days in a row off instead of one, and shifted the schedule accordingly. This week, I didn’t really run until today (see next paragraph). I was feeling super unmotivated (and being addicted to Hulu…). I could blame this feeling on my body still getting over the Marathon, but I’m sure its more a combination of that, the darkness depressing me, the next goal is far away, and the Hulu habit. Also, I haven’t had fresh fruit since Sunday. Whatever the combination is, I ran 3.4 miles today and feel better, but I still will finish this week down in the miles. All I’m saying is maybe I should try and combine programs, and stick with running four days. If I run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, that’s four days. Alas, the intermediate schedule is already down in my planer. That means I gotta give it a whirl. We’ll see how often I get to 5 of 7.

Training goals for marathon #2:

Run 5 days a week (or substitute with Ultimate) meaning no cold nor darkness nor social call will stop me

Regularly start the day with body weight exercises (push ups, sit ups, etc)

Try out the gecko shoes*

*When I said I didn’t really run until today, I meant I went on a ten minute run yesterday with my new pair of Vibram FiveFinger Classics. I waited to run with them until they felt relatively comfortable while wandering around the house. While on the run, I was just warming up (it was the AM), but everything seemed normal. Ever since hearing about the research behind barefoot running I’ve been paying attention to my stride to make sure I’m not landing on my heel. My feet don’t hurt today, so maybe I will try them out for a whole three miles next. And I’m referring to them as my gecko shoes from now on. I ❤ geckos (used to own one), and the shoes do inspire me to wiggle my toes and imagine climbing up walls with sticky foot pads =)

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  1. Kate
    December 7, 2009 at 12:54 pm

    I didn’t realize you had already picked another marathon. That’s awesome!

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