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Still sedantary

It’s the last day of the week, and I only ran once. Today I am planning on upping the mileage so I get closer to what the total was supposed to be, but that still feels a bit like failure. Partially I am focusing on different short-term goals than training for the next marathon (knitting a blanket, finishing my side research project from October). However I also have avoided biking and walking to and/or from work. Can I blame the winter? It only got cold yesterday… so no. In the beginning of the summer training, I allowed myself to skip running if my days were too full, but those days tended to involve a lot of walking and biking, so I was still getting off my ass.

One of my goals I set during the summer when I started biking to work was to be active for two hours a day (some combination of walking, biking, Ultimate, running, intense cleaning, etc.). I recently read in the New York Times Online about Kindergartens that send the kids outside for three hours a day no matter the weather conditions; I think being outside for lengthy periods is another goal I want to add to my life list. I tend to eat lunch while working and do errands during my lunch time which gets me outside. It’s almost always a surprise how much better I feel after getting out in the wind. I haven’t hashed out any details of this new goal yet, but most of my two-hour-of-activity-activities involve being outside. Maybe this new idea is merely a clarification of the first goal, and I need to rephrase the goal to be “doing an activity outside for two hours a day”.

Damn, I need to get back on my bike. Biking to and from work takes 50-60 min, and it doesn’t take any longer than taking the trolley (just involves carrying less weight). I have avoided it because of the cold, and because I want to switch my morning route to avoid the Chestnut St bridge. When I thought of biking this week, I realized I didn’t know how long the Grays Ferry route would take, and I was already running late. Excuses, excuses!

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