Gecko shoes!

It’s a fresh week, and I am off to a good start even though today didn’t agree with me. I was eating breakfast peacefully when I glanced at the clock (8:20am) and realized I was supposed to catch a ride to a division meeting five minutes ago downtown. Fortunately the meeting was at the Horticulture Center in West Park, so I biked there. Not a good foot to start the day on. Tonight I hung around after work for about an hour waiting to go to the Art Museum steps for a Fairmount Running Club workout… only to discover at 6:05pm that I didn’t have a sports bra with me. 0 for 2… However maybe these events were blessing in disguise; I had to carry some groceries home, so I took the trolley home and later ran back to work (3 miles) to pick up my bike. The goal of picking up my bike got me out the door, and I wore the Vibram Five Fingers!

I think I looked like a monster from the blue lagoon, though. I wore black leggings and my new black Philadelphia Marathon mock shirt with my grey LDS shorts and orange PADA shirt over for visibility, a CUltimate hat (harking back to college Ultimate) which has a pompom on the top, a waist bag holding extra pants to put on for the bike ride home, gloves, and my gecko shoes. The only bits of skin showing were my face and the tops of my feet. Fortunately I have mastered the ability to  confidently wear ridiculous looking workout clothes which keep me comfortable (although I have not mastered the ability to wear spandex without shorts over them… that might be something best left alone). And I don’t relish running in the cold.

It took 13 minutes for me to warm up. The gecko shoes were weird but not uncomfortable during the run. Do you ever misinterpret where the bottom of your shoes will go and end up scraping the ground? That happened way more than I expected considering the soles are very thin. I think this might happen because my feet were tricked by the tightness of the shoe. My shins and calves felt like they were absorbing extra force. When I got to my office to pick up my bike helmet I changed out of the gecko shoes and the soles of my feet were throbbing slightly. It was a combination of the feeling you get in your extremities when they warm up too fast and the prickling of running on concrete (feels a bit like the gravel in the concrete permanently indented your skin).

Tomorrow I will run in the sneakers. I’ll give the gecko shoes another go on Thursday.

  1. Kate
    December 9, 2009 at 8:39 am

    Keep me posted on the gecko shows. I’m thisclose to buying a pair.

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