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Minor Injuries

Based on that love letter to my bag, you might guess that I’ve had some minor pain in my back. I think it primarily was caused by the bag (work chair also causes slouching and occasionally exacerbates the problem). Very unfortunate. But this week since switching to a small backpack for my day bag, I haven’t had any problems.

I have continued to have problems with my left knee. I’m pretty sure it was my left knee that I over-extended while playing Ultimate this summer. During the Philly marathon training, I hurt the knee again during an Art Museum stair workout with the Fairmount Running Club. Since then my knee has oscillated between feeling fine and feeling like the joint is misaligned and the back muscles are over stretched. Two days ago I went on a two-hour hike for work and felt fine until during lunch I climbed a set of stairs. My knee suddenly felt weird while bending. I was supposed to continue hiking for another hour, but fortunately the batteries of the GPS unit died and my knee was spared from further possible damage.

I’m also worried about the Shamrock Marathon I want to do. I’m mostly walking the miles I should run. Yesterday I felt wonderful about life, and was imagining the physical process of running another marathon (maybe it really does take a month to recover from a marathon). Today it’s snowing and I am not going running, I’m going sloshing through the snow. Still good, but the snow will be on the ground tomorrow, so what will I do about running? I have until the end of December to decide if I’m doing the Shamrock Marathon or the Half (then the cost goes up!), or maybe a Half in Delaware with Kate. Before then I probably should talk to someone about my knee, and I should actually start running instead of walking.

I am super excited about the snow, though, even though it may delay the running =)

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