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Recent factoid revealed to me (or maybe it was just confirmed): I get stressed and sad when I don’t play Ultimate or run enough. I know that since the Marathon, I haven’t played much Ultimate nor have I gone running enough, and walking has not satisfactorily replaced those activities (aka I have been slightly miserable throughout the past month). The problem with falling off the activities is that laziness and/or procrastination propagate themselves. The more I let myself push off running till tomorrow because of the weather, the more easy it is to not workout the next opportunity I feel too tired and hungry to go running. And Ultimate has been on hold between Fall and Winter League.

The weather and the holidays haven’t helped. Huge piles of snow are fun to walk through, but I don’t have snow sneakers. And while being at my parents house for three days was awesome, I take the train there and don’t want to carry running gear on top of my other clothes and accessorizes. Plus the holiday was full of preparations and family time. Not much room for going running alone.

For real for real, I am running tomorrow morning. Before work, because who knows what will happen after work. Possible frisbee pick-up, possible viewing of Sherlock Holmes.

I mean, how much of a wake up call do I need? When my boyfriend suggests that I should get a punching bag or look into all-season activities, that is a sign that my suspicions were true: The line was crossed between taking a healthy rest from exercise and not taking care of myself properly. Because apparently I need to workout to be happy.

The good news is that Winter Ultimate starts in January, and rain washed away the snow piles so I can’t use falling on ice as an excuse to not run. I may also try to find a weekly indoor activity like martial arts or swing dancing.

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  1. Kate
    December 28, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    I hear that. I’m at my parents’ house which means I haven’t been able to go to the gym or run due to the stupid snow. But hopefully I can get back into the groove. I have some cold gear and my running shoes so I’m gonna do my best to go for a run.

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