Happy New Year…

For the holidays, I got sick. I caught a cold from my brother after Christmas, and after New Years Eve got severe chest congestion. I had to use Vick’s Vapor Rub for the first time in my memory. So with all the Holiday bustle and the two colds, I didn’t run much (or do much of anything, actually). I managed to do about 3 miles in the Vibram FiveFingers and an hour outside on a bike between Christmas Eve and yesterday. Fortunately today I felt better! Just in time for Winter League tomorrow night!

I think all the sitting I did in the last ten days stressed out my back. It felt on the verge of going out without me (teehee, I don’t know where I got that line from, probably some mid-life crisis book of Funnies). After sleeping on the floor (sleeping sandwiched between my sleeping bag and my comforter=awesome!) I felt better this morning. Still a bit of a twinge on the trolley ride home, but I was able to run about 5.5 miles with no problem.

Today I ran in regular sneakers. Compared to the most recent gecko-shoe-run, today was wonderfully thoughtless–I didn’t have to think about the weirdness going on with my feet, I just ran. The last time I ran in the gecko shoes, it was better than the first serious run, but I got two small blisters on the side of my heel. For the duration of the run I was thinking about my feet and legs (“Is this painful? Was that? Am I landing correctly? Is that feeling in my knee something being exacerbated by these shoes or the normal knee weirdness? How are these shoes changing my form?”). I will give the gecko shoes another run on Friday or Saturday and post any new thoughts. So far I say the shoes are not clearly better or worse than the other shoes.

My plan to run a marathon on March 21st is under review. I meant to get serious about training last week, but the cold got in the way. The difference between “3 months to train” and “11 weeks to train” is rather large in my mind. I am worried about stressing my body too much by training for a marathon that is too close, and worried that if I give up that goal I may not work hard enough at training in general. The other wrinkle is I can’t afford the entry fee until next month (Grr! Money issues!). The money issues mean that by the time I can pay I will have done significant training and may be able to decide if I should do a mere half marathon that weekend instead. (Though the late payment also increases the chances the two marathons that weekend will sell out).

And how to avoid it: Resolutions. This year (decade even?) I am going to procrastinate less. I have let myself become addicted to Hulu and to watching TV shows (my roommate has about ten seasons of shows I hadn’t seen yet… I’ve gotten through a significant portion of that at this point). At first, I watched TV while doing dishes and other such productive tasks, but recently I watch because I don’t feel like doing anything else and thus avoid doing productive things in the evening. So I am resolving to cut myself off from Hulu and DVDs for the most part (maybe allow myself one TV show a night, with an exception for TV Show overload during particularly stressful times). I am resolving to be more productive. Since my no-Hulu plan went into action yesterday, I have achieved positive results. Yesterday I put away all the clean laundry and some other odds and ends I had left sitting out for a number of days (or weeks in the case of the odds and ends). Today I made social phone calls (HOLY CRAP, making phone calls?? who DOES that anymore!?) and watered my poor plants that have been craving water for days. I made a plan for fixing my ailing laptop and for doing all that was left undone when I got my new desktop two months ago (like installing Adobe… can’t believe I haven’t done that yet). I have a plan for finishing the New Jersey project ASAP when I get the computer situation under control. I hope in the upswing of being productive in life, I will be more likely to achieve any and all fitness goals I have.

What happened was my life became like my favorite Hot Hot Heat quote: “Friday night I’ll raise my glass and say ‘Tomorrow things will change; I can’t afford to wait!’ But by Monday morning my alarm clock knows how this story goes and the end is the same as the start.” But now, with new 2010!!!! plans, things really will change. Because while TV is satisfying, I can’t go on not having Adobe Acrobat on my main computer.

And a final note: Some of you may not know about my plants… there are somewhere between 50 and 115 potted plants in my apartment. Watering them is not a task to take lightly =).

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