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Fourth time’s the charm

Last week I ran in the gecko shoes for the fourth time. I went a bit over 4 miles (tried out a new accelerometer!), and at mile three, I became aware of how well the shoes were molded to my feet. The feeling I was waiting for! The left shoe was still aggravating the blister on my heel, but the rubber sole felt great. The first time I ran in the shoes, I kinda felt like my feet were flexed throughout the run, keeping the shoes stretched. No longer! The shoes fit!

I just came back from another 4-ish mile run in the shoes. Blister still there, and this time I had to stop in the middle of the run to remove small sharp shards of something, but again, the shoes felt well molded to my feet. During this run I didn’t think about my form at all. My shins felt a bit pounded, but that was all. I feel great now.

I also had three beers in the hours before 6pm (I left to run at 9:17pm). Beer plus running is an interesting combination. I think the main thing alcohol affects is my stamina, but it could also influence my impression of how fast I am going. I hate when I climb the two stories to my apartment after a night of drinking and being temporarily out of breath with my heart racing. Two floors?! And I’ve been in this apartment for a year an a half! I blame the beer!

But I do recommend the gecko shoes. I think I will make the mental shift from “trying these crazy shoes out” to “trying to switch to using the gecko shoes on most of my runs”. Maybe next Philly marathon I will be the runner in the Vibram Five Fingers fielding the questions, convincing others that they too can make the switch to barefoot-like running =)

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