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To-remember list

Some things I need to remember:
I feel great when I exercise (almost ANY type of exercise)
When I feel shitty after a day, it’s probably because I haven’t been active enough
TV shows distract me from everything important

It’s snow day number 2. Yesterday I woke up with a plan of action. Today I had no plan. I accomplished some minor things (hanging a picture and a mirror), but haven’t left the house yet. Partly because yesterday when walking around I discovered this snowstorm deposited snow that is good for snowmen, but not good for romping through. But I also did not have a plan, and ended up watching TV. Fortunately the gym is open, and I joined the gym so I could run inside if necessary, so I am about to head off.

I tried the first workout (modified for my 3lb weight set and yoga mat home “gym”) in the book yesterday, and though some of the versions of the exercises I did with my limited options were probably less challenging than if I had the real equipment, today I am a bit sore. Score! So today at the gym I will limit myself to not strength training and stretching. No matter how bored I am running around the gerbil sized track, I will persevere and get a run in!

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  1. Kate
    February 12, 2010 at 11:31 am

    Good luck, dude. I’m struggling now because I can’t get to the gym and there’s nowhere to run. And as much as I’d like to think walking to the bar counts as exercise, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t!

    I finished stage 1 of the book and really enjoyed it. I have to do the special workout and then I’m off to stage 2! I agree with your thoughts about his thoughts on endurance exercise. I like the workouts but don’t agree with him on other things, though I have been doing the protein shakes when I lift.

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