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Important things?

Life is full. I took this test called “Strengths Finder 2.0” (which I recommend if you want to invest about $12), and apparently one thing I am good at is achievement. When talking to some co-workers about the applicability of the test (i.e. is it the sort of thing like a horoscope where all the “strengths can basically fit everyone, which is not true), it was pointed out that my desire to accomplish many things in a limited time may be an expression of my achievement strength. So when I have no downtime, it’s because I am trying to do too much, and not everyone does what I do when they plan a day or a weekend. Take this weekend: Spring league women’s finals, possibly a Lady Death Strike throwing practice, roller skating birthday party, Broad Street Run, Mixed spring league game, watch portion of summer league co-captains mixed spring league game, and finally go to a beer festival/goat race at Slyfox brewery. Thank goodness I’m not also trying to be the driver to said goat race! It’s a good weekend in terms of activity goals, but not very much down time. I need to eventually cut stuff out, but what?

And on top of that, I need to eat less. Had a few moments recently when I realized my stomach/hunger sometimes dominates my life, and that I really want to lose some weight. How to fit that in when I schedule out every waking moment, I do not know.

In sum, I need to focus on the most important things. First I need to decide what they are.

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