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Official Promotion

I am officially promoting my running as of tonight (and needing sponsors for) the 20in24 run for Back on my Feet. Visit my fund-raising page if you’re interested: BOMF run!

I didn’t want to promote this run when I first decided I would do it back in January; I think mostly because I didn’t want to admit to people that I planned for a 24 hour run that was pretty far in the future. Plus, I wasn’t training directly for it back then. But now I am officially training, with two months left to attempt an adequate job of preparing. I signed up for one marathon between now and the 20in24, and am hoping to sign up for an ultra 50k as soon as I verify that I have access to a car for transportation.

As I think about it, my goal for the race is mostly to just keep moving. I’m not worried too much about spending that much time on my feet. I am regularly standing and being active on a daily and weekend-ly basis. I’m more worried about my stomach, and the heat that could build up during the day between now and then. I ran the Broad Street Run, which was very hot this year. The race directors were able to turn the fire hydrants on as sprinklers to cool the runners down. I ran through every single one, and it was awesome. I hope the BOMF race directors will be similarly creative in implementing cooling methods.

I am also worried because I am not the sort of person to run or do anything on no sleep. Some information in books about Ultrarunning indicate that a 24hour race pumps you full of adrenaline and you don’t need to sleep. We will see! I will not feel bad if I have to stop and sleep for a few hours.

And speaking of the Broad Street Run, I am glad I was not a photographer trying to ID people in that race!! They must have a method to sorting out the photo madness, but I could barely see myself in the tiny proofs they sent me, and I know exactly what I was wearing.

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