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The marathon maniacs club (written June 16th, 2010)

So if I complete the Niagara 50k I’m planning to do on Saturday, I can officially submit an application to be a marathon maniac, bronze level (meaning I ran two marathons in a 14 day period). I ran the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut marathon this past Sunday in 5:15:37. It was a freaking hot day. I paid more attention to ingesting Gu and Cliff Shot Bloks than in the Philadelphia marathon because I read more about Ultra race nutrition since then. Your body can only store a certain amount of energy, which generally lasts you through 20 miles (I knew that in November), but there’s also a limit to how much your stomach can absorb in an hour, and those calories you ingest go towards another easy mile when your body’s stores run out. It’s about 200-300 calories per hour you can absorb, so if you don’t want to hit “the wall”, you should be consuming 200 calories per hour from the start of the race (and staying hydrated). I was more vigilant about that in this marathon, and though I slowed down at the end, I didn’t feel as shitty as I did at the end (mile 22) of the Philadelphia Marathon (although I didn’t run the last two miles continuously… a goal to work on! And I sprinted harder at the end of the Philadelphia Marathon). I will have this weekend to pay even more attention to calories. The thing is, I don’t really feel like eating Gu and Shot Bloks every hour, especially not in the first hour. I just gotta remember my poor body needs energy in advance of mile 16.

I’ve been doing some thinking about the fact that I am mentally not worried about doing a marathon and a 50k within a week. Most of the world wouldn’t even consider doing a marathon, much less two within 3 months, and even MUCH less two in seven days, with those races being long race #2 and #3 of their running careers. And here I am, having run a marathon on the weekend, I didn’t promote my accomplishment at all, and I’m doing a longer race this upcoming weekend which I also haven’t really promoted. Dude at gym who got me to sign up for personal training lessons: “I haven’t seen you in a while, what’s going on?” Me: “Umm, I ran a marathon this weekend, so…” Him, super impressed: “How’d it go?” Me, replying like the accomplishment wasn’t huge, and making an exit. I think my attitude is that I want to be able to do running events, and then continue my life (i.e. play Ultimate), so I’m not pushing myself to my limits in these races. I don’t want to run so hard that I vomit. I want to see how far I can run. I guess that is a similar attitude to people who are marathon maniacs. Some of them seem to have running careers where they ran marathons and pushed the pace as low as possible, but that got boring for them so they switched their focus to running really far. My thinking hasn’t produced any results about why I feel this way yet. I just know that thinking about running 50 and 100 miles in a row doesn’t phase me anymore.

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