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At some point last week while talking about something related to training, I realized that I can’t completely relate to other people about workouts anymore. I think someone was talking to me about Broad Street (the famous 10-miler in Philadelphia). I didn’t know what to say when they talked about how it’s hard to run 8 miles (or whatever they said). It’s not that I don’t get tired, it’s not that I don’t get sore, it’s not that I want to deny that there are lots and lots of workouts out there that are challenging, it’s not that I think running 8 miles is easy (especially if you are pushing the pace). It’s just that I have entered a new mental state where none of it feels out of reach to me. Or maybe I just feel like I’ve heard it all before. And I think I am actually in pretty good shape (a shock for me to acknowledge, at the beginning of the summer I probably would’ve said I was in better shape in high school even though I completed marathons and was biking everywhere and was playing Ultimate), so some things that other people find challenging really are easier for me. I just have left the plane of existence in which distances under 50 miles phase me. Does that count as a super power?

Next step, run a trail 50-miler with lots of hills/mountains. We will see what perspective I gain after doing that successfully. That stuff ain’t easy.

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