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New Year? Time to plan!

January 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Like everything else in my life, this post’s deadline was changed from “the first week of January” to “Sometime in January”. I’m squeakin’ in just over the line. The big thing on my mind is the 20in24. This year my goal is to run 100 miles! This goal mean I actually need to think about training NOW. Last year it was OK to not run so much during the winter (I basically didn’t train until the Ceasar Rodney Half Marathon in March). This year I need to run outside, I need to try to maintain some speed during my runs, and I needed to be running yesterday as well as keep to the schedule in the future. I printed out a schedule from the Ultraladies website, which I have yet to follow to a “T”… but that goes back to my never-ending dilemma of matching up all the crosstraining I do with running schedules like this one. So I’m not worried yet, as long as I get on-board with the long runs. So planning mode is looking at the schedule, signing up for races, and actually doing the training. It doesn’t sound like much when I type it out here, but I’ve been in planning mode all month, and I still don’t feel fully planned.

Some of the races that I am doing to lead up to the 20in24 are the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon on March 26th, the Philly100 fat-ass race (more on that later, my goal in this race is not 100 miles) on April 2nd, the Broad Street Run on May 1st, and the Niagara Ultra 50k in June. I might do the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 kraut marathon again, but last time I checked the website it did not have a set time and place yet because they anticipated a larger race which would not fit in their former location.

The goal of running 100 miles in the 20in24 is big. I already had a stress (maybe?) dream about it. I was running the loops and I only had a limited amount of time left, and everyone else was telling me I was cutting the deadline really close to get to my goal, and I was like “nah, I’m just chillin’, don’t worry!” until I realized I was cutting the deadline close and needed to pick up speed pretty quickly. The dream ended at that point. One can only hope that my dream self did manage to bust out a second wind and get to 100 miles, but the world will never know.

Part of planning season has been to review my last year of training and races. I am three days away from completing my 120 gym visits within a year needed to apply for the insurance’s reimbursement. That is a sign of progress for sure. Last year (meaning the year from ’09 to ’10) I didn’t even attempt to get the insurance reimbursement because I was not visiting the gym enough to even imagine qualifying for the program. My Christmas gift to myself was purchasing pictures from some of the races last year so I can have visual evidence of my progress. I wasn’t sure I wanted pictures from the Caesar Rodney Half, but when I was looking at pictures of me from Toronto I could see myself looking more fit. A slightly vain reason for buying the Caesar Rodney Half picture, but it’s important to recognize your progress, and what is more obvious that seeing the change in your leg muscles over the year? I have what my roommates are calling a shrine to myself, an embarrassing term for the table where I grouped my race pictures. But it’s more proof of progress. Joni from ’09 to ’10 completed one marathon. From ’10 to ’11 she completed 5 marathons and ultramarathons. A big part of my progress (especially the visual change) was the personal training I got. Which reminds me! One more thing to plan for: my personal training package is almost over, and I can’t justify continuing the cost, so I need to figure out how to continue and up my weight training intensity without the motivation of a personal trainer. The planning will never truly end, but if I get a good grasp now of my goals for the next few months I’m sure the year will go smoothly. Here’s to the New Year (well, at this point, a new 11 months)!

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