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Stickk it!

After my last post about running in the morning I jokingly remarked to my boyfriend that if I didn’t run the next morning I would pay him $50. Though it was not a binding agreement as far as I know, the next morning I had to get up because there was an off-chance that he would expect me to pay him. Off I went at 6:40 am. I ran a measly 20 minutes, but that was the point. I ran!

Because of that success I went to and committed to run on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for five weeks. I bet $100 per week to go to a charity if I failed to run in the morning. The site doesn’t require you to define your goals to a high level of detail if you create a custom goal, but I had two guidelines in mind. 1) I had to run at least 20 minutest to count. 2) If I didn’t do it on Tuesday or Thursday I could make up ONE day on Wednesday or Friday. The purpose of the goal was both to run more and to wake up earlier than I had been doing.

I am currently on my fourth week of the commitment/bet. Three situations haven’t fit into the original parameters. I aggravated a minor injury in my hip so I skipped one day. I ran a 10 mile pub run on St Patty’s day and did not add a morning run on top of that. I went to the doctor really early one morning about the hip and because I really can’t wake up early 4 days in a week I counted the early morning wake up combined with a run on Tuesday evening as a successful day of my goal (that week I had to get up to go to the gym and do my second morning run on Thursday as well as the doctors visit). Tomorrow is a big mile marker because I have to be at work at 8 am and I did my Tuesday run this morning. That means I  have to get up to run at my first alarm tomorrow morning to count this week successful. Good luck to me! I guess I should go to bed…

I am pretty happy I signed up with for this. I haven’t been running as early in the morning as I originally wanted, but 7:30am still counts as early. Maybe when this goal is complete I will really challenge myself and bet that I can’t get up when I first wake up or at my first alarm (if the time is after 5:45am).

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