A brilliant return!

The summer went by very quickly. I ran the 20in24 for a second year, took almost two months off from running, and am now preparing for the Philadelphia Marathon on November 20th. I’m doing a different stickk it! challenge and I moved.
I think it’s time to start blogging again.

So Hello!
Welcome (again?) to my blog about being active in a world of inactivity. I feel my blog is unique because I am writing as someone who is very active and I have two perspectives; I feel that I need to “do more” and yet I am pragmatic about fitness programs.

I read a lot of articles aimed to get people to start moving, but what do you do when you already are moving? Same thing with healthy eating habits. What do you do when you have taken the small steps, but you feel like that still isn’t enough?

On the flip side, there are also many fitness plans that say “Lift three times a week!”, “Run five days a week!”, “This is what you need to succeed!”. I feel that these programs don’t fit in my life, and they don’t work together. What do you do when you want to run long distance, participate in a sprint-oriented sport, regularly do yoga, and lift weights?

I haven’t answered these questions yet; that is the purpose of this blog. What is the next step for me in the path to fitness?

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