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Running Form

October 25, 2011 1 comment

Running with an ankle brace makes me think about running form. With each step I try to use both legs evenly. I worry about being unbalanced. Using an ankle brace causes you to step differently on that foot; if you are not conscious of your body you can overuse the other foot or leg. I don’t like having to focus so much on each step. My form doesn’t feel natural.

I don’t remember thinking much about my running form in cross country back in high school. There was one day shortly after my first cross country camp began (two weeks of daily training before school starts) when my form clicked. The run that had been hard yesterday became easier; I went faster on less effort. My coach noticed and commented. After that, I could easily find my stride at practice. I don’t remember any other problems with my stride in my cross country career.

I want to find my form again.


A fight with concrete and allergies

October 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Two weeks ago, I started off the week with high expectations. My attack plan for running a marathon on November 20th was to run at least a small distance every day. I was brought up short on Tuesday. While running on the wonderful wide sidewalks of the Parkway I stepped wrong on an edge where one square was slightly higher than the other. ROLL went my ankle and I crashed to the ground. After curling in a ball until the momentary pain went away, I took stock. Rolled left ankle; swelling expected. Scraped right knee; bleeding–needed cleaning. Slightly scraped right hand; not a concern. Fortunately I was running with my boyfriend and he supported me while I hobbled back to the gym. Used hydrogen peroxide on the knee, iced the ankle when I got back to my desk. I’ve rolled this ankle before, so it’s not a completely new injury. But definitely not the best way to start the attack plan!

A week later when the swelling was mostly gone and the knee scabbed over, I expected to start again on the attack plan. Unfortunately the temperature dropped quickly for about 4 days and I was besieged by allergies. A sharp change in the weather always sets off my allergies. I was too sick to run until this past Sunday. My attack plan was yet again foiled by life.

I finally went running last night, and survived 40 minutes without coughing too much and without pain in my ankle. I wore an ankle brace to be safe. I have officially began the attack plan. Only two-ish weeks lost, I think I can still run enough to survive a marathon in November…