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Running Form (part 2)

I’ve been thinking more about running form.

We did a lot of things in cross country that improved running form. We did plyos, hill workouts, and track workouts. Plyos focus directly on different aspects of your running form. Hill and track workouts may not directly influence running form, but they make you a stronger runner which should make your form itself stronger.

One of my favorite plyos was the turnover. Run with short steps and every third (or so) step on one side make a quick, strong turnover. Focus on the quickness of the turnover and the circle of your legs. Repeat on the opposite side. Bounding was fun and focused on hang time. High knees and butt kicks focus on the movement of the lift and kick portion of your stride. Grapevines have to be good for hip movement.

We also talked about how to move your arms to help speed up and set the pace for your stride.

I was mistaken to think that running form was effortless in high school.  My form was good (or stayed good) because I was training in ways that made finding my stride easy.

I guess that means I should do more track workouts, hill workouts and plyos! I question if I can add track or hill workouts, but plyos are doable. I will take a proactive step to help my running form and incorporate plyos into my runs.

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