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Stickk it! Challenge review

I just finished a Stickk it! challenge (length: 8 weeks). It was to do a quick set of body weight exercises before eating breakfast. The challenge was designed to meet two criteria: get me moving in the morning, and regularly work out my core.

One of my recurring problems in life has been ignoring the alarm clock. I open my eyes and I don’t feel like showering yet nor do I feel like making and eating breakfast so I close them again and fall back asleep. Doing a short set of crunches, push-ups and squats is a concrete thing to do when I wake up. It’s a way to put off the necessary tasks while achieving the goal of wakefulness.

Another problem I have is thinking “I could do that” about exercise regimes but never actually doing them (thus never getting the results they promise). I read a section of 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss about a woman who was able to break through a recent weight loss/muscle gain plateau by doing three exercises three times a week before breakfast. I thought “What am I waiting for? She got good results!” Could doing a short body-weight routine each day keep me fit? Side note: She did kettlebell swings as part of her routine, which I did not include in my challenge.

The result?

I have kept up morning body weight exercises since the challenge stopped. Additionally I voluntarily went running in the morning four times in the past two weeks. I conclude that since doing this challenge I’ve become more of a morning exerciser. Win!

In terms of my fitness, I don’t know. I haven’t tried to measure my fitness and I don’t even have earlier numbers with which to compare any fitness test I could do now. I feel out-of-shape compared to earlier this year (when I was training for the 24 hours run). But I think my push-up form improved, and I believe that doing the ab exercises has maintained my core strength. I conclude that these exercises helped me feel less like a blob but they did not make me wonder woman.

I’m happy I did the challenge. I plan to continue the morning workouts so I guess that’s the final word: it was a good challenge.

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