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Goals for the year

Now that it’s the beginning of April, I suppose it’s time to think about what I want to do this year. Hah, am I four months too late? What happened to my New Year’s Resolutions?

I was happy to run in the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon on March 25th, but was disappointed that I was not serious about my training over the winter. That showed in my time and in my fatigue during and after the race.

Today I still don’t have a plan. I have some races I want to run, but I don’t feel serious about my training. I keep feeling like tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow I will pack my breakfast and lunch before I climb into bed, tomorrow I will run in the morning, tomorrow I will not eat those cookies that maybe caused me to have an energy crash. In my mind, I am a morning person. I get up, exercise, go about my day with energy, relax in the evening, and take time to prepare for the next morning. In reality, I don’t know why that is my ideal and I feel far from it.

I think my goal is to always run 4 days a week and to lift at least once a week, but that feels too general. I don’t feel committed.

But back to the point, there are things I want to accomplish this year. I want to do some long bike rides, maybe even bike camping. I want to do a trail ultramarathon with lots of hills and rocks with which to contend. I am not doing the 20in24 this year because I want to do a trail ultra. Finally, I want to run the Philadelphia Marathon in the fall for a fourth year in a row.

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