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Finding Motivation

Last year when I ran the 20in24 I was in shape for sure. I was running many miles per week, I was lifting regularly, I was playing Ultimate every week. Then I feel like I just stopped. I thought I was taking a training break, but it spiraled into months of not training, taking me to now.

I guess I haven’t dropped the ball completely. Since the 20in24 I ran 5 official races. I do exercise regularly; mostly walking but I have been going to the gym at least once a week and running at least once a week over the winter. I think I’ve averaged 6-7 hours of exercise a week since the marathon in November, and that is apparently a lot compared to the rest of America.

But I feel disappointed in myself.

know how to train. I just stopped taking myself seriously.

Being in shape and eating right are things we have to remind ourselves every day that we want them. It’s just so easy to forget how good that workout will make you feel when you’ve worked a 10 hour day, or commuted 2 hours round-trip in the car. It’s easy to put off the morning run and say the evening will be good for working out, only to realize you have to cook and do laundry and by the time you remember you were going to go running, you are in your pajamas in bed.

So how do we combat this?

How can we remind ourselves of what we are capable?

Three things I do to help are to play team sports, run races, and track my workouts (and sometimes my eating).

What happened to me this winter is that I didn’t have time to do my regular Ultimate league and I stopped writing down my daily and weekly progress for exercise. With only racing to motivate me, I seriously fell off the wagon.

So it’s a lesson; using only one of the three solutions is not enough for me.

I’ve started tracking my progress again. And I have a 31 mile race coming up (which is much further than the other races I’ve run since the Philadelphia Marathon). I’m on the upswing! But I’m not there yet.

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